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specially designed for Bands!

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Fundraisers that 

support your needs

Every organization is unique, just like every fundraiser is unique. Band Fundraisers is focused on the specific needs and fundraising tactics most useful to band organizations and orchestras looking to raise funds for their next big season or concert. Whether you need cash for fresh uniforms, new instruments, competition fees, or something else, we are the go-to company to achieve your funding goals! Getting started is easy.


Successful programs that everyone will love


Pretzel twists

Chocolate covered pretzels in four delicious varieties make fundraising a breeze. Try our most popular: Peanut Butter Candy Crunch!



We have a wide range of snacks available in our snack fundraiser. From mixed nuts and chocolate-covered almonds to gummy bears and sour worms, we've got something for every palate.


Gourmet popcorn

POP POP! You really can't go wrong with a classic popcorn fundraiser. A perennial favorite, we offer a variety of flavors like Cheddar, Caramel, Butter, and more.

How It Works

How it works

Reach out to us

Fill out the form below or shoot us an email and we'll get you set up with a free catalog and work with you to find the perfect fundraiser for your group and goals.

Take orders

We'll send you the order forms and marketing materials you need - you go out into your community and take as many orders as you can!

Get paid!

Congratulations! All that's left to do is send in the order forms and payments and we will send out the products, prizes for the order-takers, and your money!


Receive a free catalog

and get started!


Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon.


About our


We are a family and woman-owned business based out of Lubbock, Texas.

For over 25 years, we have been providing schools and associated educational programs throughout the United States with profitable, easy-to-execute fundraisers. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to customer service and the success of your students.

We employ high school and college students and support our local communities throughout West Texas. We are Certified Woman Owned Business by Texas HUB. We and our suppliers support the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

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